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Consultancy & Training

Optimising Your System and Team Performance

Dematic’s Consultancy and Training Services aim to identify opportunities which will give you that competitive advantage. By working closely with you, Dematic will propose system developments, practical solutions for optimising your system processes, undertake specific audits and deliver tailored training packages to further enhance your team’s support capability.

Capture the Hidden Capacity Within Your DC

Dematic’s specialist consultants will assist you to identify opportunities for improving your system’s overall performance. Through the use of proven techniques such as equipment benchmarking, process flow and operator efficiency evaluation, Dematic will provide practical solutions to drive the best from your system. 

Safety and other Regulatory Requirements

While safety and other legislation is continually updated, your equipment might not be. Safety systems should be in place to meet the required standards and maintenance schedules and processes should be in place to adhere to regulatory requirements. Dematic consultants will identify which updates and solutions you need to consider to be aligned with current regulations and standards. 

Team Skills Development

Dematic’s qualified trainers are available to undertake a technical skills assessment of an individual or a team and develop a tailored training plan to further enhance their competence and safe working practices. 

Operation and Equipment Audits

Dematic’s tailored audits will highlight any equipment, spares management, maintenance, safety or energy issues. This will enable you to focus any continuous improvements efforts in the area where you will benefit from the most significant return on investment, improved reliability and sustainability.