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Fully Integrated Mechatronic and Manual Solutions

Built on a unified platform that provides a holistic approach to automation spanning controls and software, Dematic iQ Control is at the heart of our knowledge-based logistics solutions.

With immediate, real-time access to device-level feedback at the controls and mechatronics level, Dematic solutions are perfectly positioned to leverage your warehouse information for continual process improvement, helping you achieve higher throughput and lower costs.

Providing strategic supervision over the entire warehouse, the Control module supervises and interacts with high complexity automation or manual technologies, ensuring proper sub-second response time and repeatable execution performance. This module enables the control of logistics operations and processes across your integrated solution environment and provides both efficient processing and interaction with automation technology including intelligent exception handling and recovery.


Dematic iQ Control has the ability to mix and match technology to support less complex “point” solutions to highly complex integrated systems.


  • Coordinates fulfilment and material movement requirements across automated to manual processes
  • Real-time, sub-second response time and zero latency principle ensures every equipment interaction occurs within shadow of a movement
  • Orchestrates and synchronises resources and material movement throughput through unique integrated controls that take advantage of all of equipment capabilities and power
  • Workflow driven flexibility
  • Visualisation to performance and equipment operations
  • Synchronised release schedules across Software and Mechatronics
  • Event Management
  • Standardised global sub-systems
  • Standard Metrics and KPI


  • Optimise performance and throughput
  • Get maximum value out of your software and solution investment
  • Optimal benefits for store replenishment and dynamic processing models achieved via synergy between Fulfilment and Controls modules
  • Improve service levels, ensuring material is available and avoid unnecessary delays or down-time

Automated Material Flow

This capability provides for the synchronisation and central management of integrated system processes as product and material flows throughout the 4-walls facility. Continuous tracking and monitoring of all processes and resources allows Dematic iQ to maximise and ensure equipment management across a whole transport, submitting precise transport commands to the required devices and receiving their feedback. It incorporates a variety of optimised scheduling, move and logistics algorithms to provide increased performance, space utilisation and automation and solution efficiency. 

Capabilities include:

  • Movement planning, control and supervision
  • Seamless and comprehensive monitoring of transports
  • Storage and retrieval
  • Sequencing and material supply
  • Route planning, control and supervision of transport devices
  • Single or multiple device accommodation: conveyor systems, SRM (Storage and Retrieval Machines), multishuttle, transfer cars, vertical lift, monorail systems, forklift trucks with mobile devices, other integrated hardware

Sortation and Routing

The efficiency of an automated distribution centre is as much about managing the information flow as handling the physical product. Sortation & Routing provides both the real-time control of product movement on a mechanised conveyor system, and real-time reporting designed to increase system and worker productivity. 

Capabilities include:

  • Configuration or change of carton destinations and/or attributes
  • Exchange of key fulfilment information and status with your Host
  • System Administration– as much or as little as you desire
  • Monitoring of operations through fulfilment and sortation operations
  • Categorisation, display and printing of statistical data
  • Management of similar groupings of despatch requests
  • Mapping several IDs to one destination, or one ID to several destinations
  • Material flow optimisation in a route delivery based distribution centre

AGV Transport

Effectively manage the operation of the automated guided vehicles (AGVs) within your facility.

Capabilities include:

  • Vehicle scheduling
  • Guide-path traffic control
  • Fault and status monitoring/alerts
  • Equipment utilisation & diagnostics

Productivity Devices

Dematic iQ’s common Control Module is a key differentiator, which enables the best of multiple technologies to be leveraged to create a hybrid solution that delivers greater fulfilment performance and material handling accuracy.

Light-based fulfilment devices offer person-to-goods solutions with scalability to support low to high number of SKUs and low to high velocities.  Modular design offers plug-in or snap-out flexibility to adapt to changing product mix.

Mobile device solutions offer voice and display-based person-to-goods solutions with the dynamics, flexibility, and benefits of remote access.  Mobile solutions offer “natural” eyes and hands- free fulfilment and material handling interactions.

Regardless of technology, Dematic iQ provides cost effective hardware and software solutions that help contribute to substantial improvements in picking productivity and accuracy, supporting person-to-goods and goods-to-person processes where additional input devices are utilised.

Geared toward paperless picking technologies such as Voice, RF, Lights and mobile devices, these solutions reduce or eliminate the need for reading, writing, and searching for stock locations, helping to dramatically improve productivity.

Capabilities include:

  • Support of hybrid combinations of technologies
  • Multi-modal device interaction, voice and gesture based user interface
  • Workflow driven – sequential and interleaved
  • Flexible device support across a number of devices
  • Expanded support for commercial off-the-shelf mobile devices
  • Speech and voice recognition

Dematic iQ Performance Optimising Software

Based on Dematic’s extensive industry experience and technical leadership, Dematic iQ provides the comprehensive insight and ongoing resource optimisation you need to ship packages out the door accurately, on time and at the lowest cost.

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